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Join Sons of Sails Affiliate Partner Program

Earn a commission for every booking you drive through your audience.

Why should I join the Sons of Sails' Affiliate Program?

As an Affiliate, you’ll make money each time a booking is made through your website, social networks or just recommendation (your custom made Affiliate link and/or promo code).

To help monitor your bookings and earnings, you’ll get access to an Affiliate portal where you will be able to see all the analytics (clicks, visits, pages, commission,…).

How do I join the Affiliate Partner Programme?

To sign up as a Sons of Sails Affiliate Partner, contact us with the request for the Affiliate Partner Programme. We will open an Affiliate account for you and then you will be able to monitor all the analytics, commissions, etc.

After joining Affiliate Partner Programme, we will provide you your PROMO CODE with a 50€ discount for your guests.

What's my commission percentage based on?

Your commission rate is directly connected to the number of bookings you generate per year.

Your commission split starts at 40%. This is 40% of the commission Sons of Sails receives for each booking. The more reservations you generate, the higher your commission share percentage is. After you provide more than 10 bookings per year, you will receive 50% of the commission Sons of Sails earns on each booking.

You will receive your commission after the boat cancellation period, and that is the period when the guest needs to make all the payment for the boat reservation.

Become a Affiliate

Click on and register or just contact us